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Trump visits California, Biden speaks climate change as wildfires take campaign focus

By Suvan Bose

On Monday, President Donald Trump will journey to California to be advised about its disastrous wildfires while Democratic competitor Joe Biden strategies a speech on the subject matter from Delaware, bringing climate change to the forefront of the presidential campaign.

Trump, a Republican who pulled the United States out of the Paris agreement on global warming because he found it too expensive, has stated his view that poor forest management is partly to blame for the fires that are enraging throughout the West Coast.

Democrats have claimed that climate change has played a role, and Biden is awaited to express that in his remarks. Trump will go to McClellan Park, California to meet with local and federal officials for a discussion about the fires.

Biden has added climate change in his list of critical situations experiencing the United States, in addition to the coronavirus pandemic that has killed beyond 194,000 and pushed the nation into an economic recession.

A series of lethal and devastating wildfires have struck Washington, Oregon and California this summer, wrecking thousands of homes and a couple of small towns, burning beyond 4 million acres of land and slaughtering more than two dozen people since early August.

Combating climate change is a key, motivating point for young people and progressive-leaning voters that Biden requires to appear to vote in November. 3 election. It is a more difficult issue for few Republicans, who, regardless of clear scientific proof of its existence, question the data and the need for wide and costly measures to fight it.

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