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Two Men in their 20s Tried to Rape a 35-year-old Woman in a vehicle in motion! Read to know more.

By Neha Mallick

A woman was tried to be molested by two men in their 20s on Friday, in a vehicle while it was still in motion. The woman was also physically hurt by the men when she tried to resist their attempts to rape her.

A woman of nearly 35-years-old was supposedly raped by her nephew and his pal in a moving truck in Unnao, Uttar Pradesh. As the woman tried to resist and their attempts weren't completely successful, they dropped her off on the highway road. The police reported that the two men were held captive within an hour of the occurrence of the incident. According to the collected resources, the Police stated that the woman and the two men were on their way from Lucknow to Agra at around 3 pm on Friday when such circumstances occurred. Supposedly, the victim’s nephew had purchased land in Agra and later insisted the woman come along with him on Thursday to help him with the necessary documents and paperwork as she was well educated.

On pursuing, the woman finally agreed to tag along with her nephew and his friend to Agra. While on their route to Agra, the nephew’s friend came to the forepart sector of the truck and began to persecute her. In some time, the woman's nephew even joined in. They ostensibly tried to rape her and when she tried to resist, whacked her. The woman's nephew sunk teeth on her face and even tried to suffocate her with a belt. On repetitive resistance, they finally gave up and dropped off the woman on the highway and went off from the area. After the disastrous occurrence, the woman addressed the police and filed a case against the two men. She was taken for a medical examination and the two indicted men were reserved under pertinent sections of Indian Penal Code. Both the accused were immediately held captive and jailed.

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