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Two youths caught on cam while targeting pedestrians! Read the full story here.

By Manisha Jangir

On Tuesday, two youths were caught on cam when they tried to rob people in broad daylight. The whole incident was recorded by a man who was there in the parked vehicle on one side of the road. The incident was highlighted on Tuesday when D Roopa, IGP shared the video of the two accused on her twitter account. In her tweet she mentioned that the incident took place on Tuesday morning near Chickpet metro station in Bengaluru.

According to the reports none of the people targeted by the accused has registered a complaint to the Police and none of them have been identified yet. In the video they both can be seen dressed in Black, walking next to a vehicle that has been parked. One of the men catches hold of a man who is walking next to the vehicle and threatens him at knifepoint. But somehow the victim manages to flee from the spot.

After that they both return to the bylane which seems to be their hiding place and then threaten another pedestrian walking in the area. One of the accused holds the victim while another threatens with a knife. The victim pleads before them but they refuse to let him go. The accused let him go after snatching his valuables. They both have not been arrested yet.

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