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Typhoon Haishen headed towards South Korea after damaging South Japan

By Ritika Nath

World’s second-largest powerful typhoon which is expected to hit Japan in a week, wrecked and damaged buildings, caused electrical blackouts in more than half a million houses and wounded nearly 20 people when its fierce rain and strong winds knocked the Southern islands of Japan on Sunday, is now heading towards South Korea.

Even after the typhoon passed the Southern islands of Japan, the traffic was still halted and immobilized. On Monday, the flights in and out of southwestern Japanese airports have been cancelled and scheduled bullet trains have also been called off because of the typhoon. It is said that the typhoon would reach South Korea by Monday.

The Meteorological Agency of Japan issued warnings against strong winds and fierce rains which would still continue for some time even after the typhoon passed by. Monday morning, the typhoon Haishen neared the southeastern coast of South Korea packing sustained winds of up to 144 kilometres per hour which is up to 89 miles per hour.

The typhoon struck Okinawa and the southern Japan of Amami Oshima over the end of the week with vigorous rainfall, stormy waves and high tides. On Monday, the Fire and Disaster Management Agency of Japan stated that a minimum of 20 people in several southern prefectures got wounded and 2 of them got heavily injured. As of Monday morning reports, about more than half a million houses were still out of power. And nobody knows what more disastrous havocs this typhoon would bring in the upcoming days.

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