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Under influence of the mystical spell, 10-year-old child beaten to death by father!

By Neha Mallick

A man from Uttar Pradesh beat his ten-year-old daughter to death in search of some confidential wealth supposedly under the influence of a certain mystical spell.

Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh witnesses a horrific incident where a man comes under the influence of some mystic guidance and beats his daughter to death for he was convinced that she was aware of the spot where some confidential jewels were hidden.

In a proposition of finding some hidden fortune underneath his own house, a man of Khurd Maru village in Badosarai area, Barabanki, allegedly beat his 10-year-old child to death as a basis of sermon scapegoat.

The man was instructed by the diviner that there was some hidden treasure in his household whose way could only be directed if he offered his daughter’s life as a part of the sermon sacrifice. To this, the culprit readily approved. Him, the diviner and another man grouped up to beat the 10-year-old girl severely, serving her death.

The girl’s mother barged in trying to stop the crime but she was beaten up by her husband as well. The girl’s body was later laid to rest underneath their house. All the indicted people were held captive after a police complaint was filed by the child’s maternal grandmother. After the Police responded to the case, the body was scouted up from the ground and sent for autopsy.

While examining, several spots of injury were found on the girl’s body. The maternal grandmother of the victim who complained stated that her son-in-law supposedly sacrificed the life of his daughter as a sermon offering under the influence of some sorcerer.

Arvind Chaturvedi, the Superintendent of Police, Barabanki, said that a man namely Alam beat his daughter whilst his wife was under the process of receiving treatment. He later buried the child’s dead body without any hint. On receiving extra details about the case, the Police were able to figure out that the body was buried and hence dug it out to send for autopsy. Further analysis of this case is ongoing.

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