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Union Health Minister - India will get the COVID-19 vaccine soon!

By Ishika Sahni

The union health minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan, on 22 August 2020 Saturday, said that India will get the Covid-19 vaccine by the end of 2020 if everything goes well. He said that if they get the vaccine, they will start its distribution among the citizens. This states the hope that we will get the vaccine soon. Now, the country has the capacity of carrying out over 10 lakh coronavirus tests every day.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan inaugurated 10 bedded hospitals at NDRF 8th Battalion center in Ghaziabad and then addressed the media and said 'Everyone in this world is trying to develop a Covid-19 vaccine. Over 26 vaccine candidates around the world have arrived at the clinical trial phases. In India, the work is currently progressing on half a dozen candidates, on which 3 of vaccine candidates are in the first, second and third phase.’

He also said after the analysis we have that we will get the vaccine after the 1st phase. 69,239 cases are confirmed till this Sunday and 22 people have recovered. According to the Union Ministry of Health data, the death cases has risen by 912 to 56, 706

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