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UP based man claims that 7 Indian men were abducted. Know where this happened!

By Neha Mallick

On Friday, a man who happened to be an habitant of Uttar Pradesh asserted that his cousin from Kushinagar who worked in Libya had been kidnapped by some rebel organization as reported by the PTI.

As per an online complaint placed in Delhi, by Lallan Prasad who is an habitant of Maharajganj district in UP, it has been found that his cousin Munna Chauhan, along with seven other Indians have been kidnapped in Libya. According to the complaint placed in the Delhi Police Station, Lallan Prasad said that the Delhi-based private company that enrolled Indians for its abroad customers to state that the abductors have been asking for a pay-off of $20,000 (that is, 14,66,452.00 Indian Rupees)

It was also informed to Prasad that the Libyan company in which the Indians were working as employees, has agreed to pay-off the ransom to bring back their abducted employees. The names of the seven employees who were abducted have been named by him and they were, Mahendra Singh, Venkatarao Batchala, Shah Ajay, Umedirahimbhai Multani, Danya Boddu, Jogarao Batchala, and Munna Chauhan who was the cousin of Lallan Prasad.

The Kushinagar SP Vinod Singh reported that "A case of the kidnapping of a Kushinagar resident in Libya has come to my knowledge,". The SP Officer further added that he has stayed in contact with the abducted employee Munna Chauhan’s family as well. The Delhi Police professed that they have received a complaint regarding the issue of kidnapping Indian men working in Libyan companies abroad, but there has not been an FIR filed yet. The Ministry of External Affairs is yet to pass the confirmation of the issue that 7 Indian men have been kidnapped in Libya, as stated by the PTI. As said by Lallan Prasad, his cousin Munna Chauhan who has been abducted had gone to Libya to work as a welder for a private company in September 2019. In his statements, Lallan Prasad even added that “Munna had also sent a facsimile of his air ticket from Libya to India on my WhatsApp number,"

Lallan Prasad conveyed his message that his cousin was supposed to return home on 17th of September but as he didn't, he started making inquiries to the Delhi company who refused to give him any details of his whereabouts. And after a few intervals of time, they even stopped attending his phone calls. Lallan said that “At this, I reached Delhi on September 27 and visited the overseas recruitment agency at Rajendra Palace, where the firm's owner told me about the kidnapping of seven Indians in Libya”. Also, adding that after this statement he filed an online complaint with Prasad Nagar Police Station near Rajendra Palace, Delhi.

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