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US election : Indians to play a crucial role

The presidential election of US, that is scheduled in November, is approaching. The election to take place between two parties Democratic and Republican parties.

Donald trump is the representative of Republican Party on the other hand Joe Biden will take part in elections from the favour of Democratic party.

Trump has nominated himself yet again in order to safeguard his President seat of the country. The Indian public is taking a plentiful of interest in the US elections due to the fact that Indian-origin Kamala Harris has been nominated by the Democratic party for the designation of Vice-president.

This may also invite Harris trying to take Indian voters in favour as a consequence. This would eventually help Biden to get the support of Indian origin voters.

The Indian-origin voters may help a lot to the respective representatives to win as they may influence the system of favouritism.

There are millions of Indian-origin people residing in the United States. However, the people living with an expired visa illegally are also in a big margin.

In 2016 US elections, Asiatic public had voted massively which accounted to about 49.9%.

There are more than 50 lakh Asia-origin voters, among which about 18 lakh are the Indian-origin voters.

Asian voters traditionally favors Democrats and this is considered as one of the main reason for choosing Kamala Harris as VP candidate. Kamala has also taken efforts to show her Indian roots, however there are people who feel that Kamala, a Christian by religion, is hardly an Indian except that she has Indian origin.

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