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War to take place between these two countries over the disputed region

By Anwesha Dash

The long-standing rivalry of Armenia and Azerbaijan since the 90s, dating back to the collapse of the Soviet Union, over the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh has quickly escalated into clashes and is inching towards a deadly war as both regimes impose martial law and mobilization of military troops.

The Nagorno-Karabakh region is internationally recognized as a territory of Azerbaijan but has a majority of ethnic Armenians and is governed by the Republic of Artsakh. The conflict between both these regimes started in 1988 and even though the governments agreed to sign a ceasefire treaty in 1994, the conflict took a visceral form in 2016 with nearly hundreds of casualties on both sides. Now in 2020, nearly after 4 years, clashes took place in July near Tavush. After further several clashes within these 2 months, on 27th September Azerbaijan declared a state of war against Armenia.

Armenia claims to have shot down 2 Azerbaijani helicopters, 3 tanks and 3 drones. The clashes have also endangered the civilians of the disputed region, both the countries blaming each other of being the aggressor and launching the first attack. Armenia accused Azerbaijan of air attacks while the latter claimed that it was in retribution to Armenia’s shelling. So far 24 casualties have been reported including civilians.

To gain the upper hand both the regimes have been calling upon their allies. Turkey being a strong supporter of Azerbaijan reprimanded Armenia and said Armenia’s action will “set the region on fire”. While Russia being a regional power has urged both sides to end the hostility in the region. The conflict has also garnered attention from the UN Secretary-General. Several world leaders have requested an “immediate ceasefire” as well.

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