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What consequences a girl faced after befriending three teens through PUBG! Read here.

By Manisha Jangir

A teenage girl from Madhya Pradesh’s Bhopal was gang-raped by three youths for around a month. The three accused blackmailed her and repeatedly gang-raped her. They had befriended her through the now banned PUBG.

She used to play PUBG amid lockdown and got to know three youths through the game. The three started playing games with her and became friends. After that, they started chatting and talking over the phone. In September the accused took her for an outing following which they went to a flat in Rambha Nagar in Gautam Nagar. They raped her and filmed a video of the incident. They used the video to blackmail her.for around a month.

Fearing the consequences, she stayed quiet. But when her mother counselled her, she couldn't stay quiet and told her. The incident was highlighted on Wednesday when she told her mother and after that, she filed a complaint against the accused at Ashoka Garden Police Station. The girl is a resident of Ashoka Garden area. The accused were identified as Fuzail, Rizwan Khan and Farhan Ahmed. The Police tracked them through their Mobile Phones and arrested them. While interrogation they confessed their crime.

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