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What did Egypt unearth? Know here!

By Anwesha Dash

Egypt excavates 59 ancient coffins near Saqqara pyramids in Cairo.

Egypt, the epicentre of archaeological discoveries and home to the ancient grand pharaohs has undoubtedly contributed a lot to the anthropology of ancient history and archaeological studies. The largest city of the Arab and the capital of Egypt, Cairo, is the essential fulcrum of these discoveries. Cairo is an Arabic origin name that means "victorious" and numerous excavations have been quite victorious in this land of pyramids.

Recently, Egypt's tourism and antiquities minister, Khalid el-Anany, announced on October 3 about the excavation of 59 sarcophagi near the Saqqara pyramid, Cairo. Apart from the coffins several other artifacts and nearly 28 statues were found in a deep well. The tourism minister believes that there are even more coffins lay veiled under the soil and this is "the beginning of a big discovery". One of the ancient sarcophagi was opened to reveal the mummy inside, which was wrapped tight in a cloth with hieroglyphics. Several ministers and other dignitaries were invited for the unveiling of this discovery.

The coffin was found in the ancient burial grounds of Sacara, graveyard capital of Memphis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The coffins are said to be nearly 2600 years old. The newly found coffins will be displayed in the Grand Egyptian Museum that is being built near the Giza Pyramids along with the other 30 coffins found near Luxor.

Reportedly the Egyptian regime had been trying to boost its tourism sector, but due to the pandemic, it has received a huge blow. So the authorities said that they are quite happy about the discovery and believe that hopefully, it might bring in a lot of tourists.

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