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What forced two women to jump out of a running car! Read here.

By Manisha Jangir

In Amritsar, two women jumped out of a running car to escape molestation and prevent themselves from the cab driver. The cab driver tried to molest the third woman who was also there in the car.

According to Robin Hans, SHO, “On Saturday the three women hired a cab in the evening to go to a nearby restaurant in Ranjit Avenue locality. But the driver of the car tried to misbehave with them. After getting in the cab, when it was on the way, its driver started molesting one of the women. But when she tried to resist his action, he started to increase the speed of the vehicle. However, the woman along with the other jumped out of the running car to save both of them. But some people who were standing on the roadside saw the duo while jumping out of the car. They helped those women and chased the car. They obstructed his way and came to the rescue of the third woman”.

At that time the cab driver escaped from the scene, but somehow police managed to catch him and arrested him shortly after the incident. Both of the women got injured during the incident and were taken to the hospital.

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