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What happened in Biden and Trump's 1st debate face-off, know here!

By Kunika Chaudhary

Trump and Biden attended their first-ever face-off debate. They voiced out their plans and opinions on important issues in different segments with moderator Chris Wallace.

Only 35 days are left for the main election of the US President which is scheduled for 3 November 2020. Donald Trump is a candidate of Republican with his vice president representative Mike Pence where the other candidate Joe Biden is from the Democratic Party who previously served the states as a vice president. Kamala Harris is Biden's pick for vice president. The 3 debates are scheduled for the candidates of 'President' on 29 September, 15 October, and 22 October 2020, and the debate for vice presidential candidates is scheduled on 7 October 2020. Chris Wallace was the moderator for the first presidential debate of election 2020. The debate was distributed in 6 segments which were 'the Supreme Court, the coronavirus pandemic, election integrity, race and violence in cities and the economy. People are not so happy with the debate.

As the debate was getting interrupted by the opponent mostly from President Trump's side. Both opponents were playing the game of blame words and discussed each other's policies. On the topic of coronavirus, Biden pointed out the careless behaviour about the pandemic and the president replied with the work he had done. At the segment of the economy, Biden said that the Obama government gave the booming economy but Trump blew it on which Trump claimed that under his government the economy reached the records. Chris Wallace questioned the tax issue around the President about which he said he paid millions of dollars as tax and this news is not true. The debate also included discussion about education and law enforcement as well. During the debates comments like 'clown', 'shut up man', and 'this is so unpresidential' were passed. The debate had its dark moments when he agreed to condemn white supremacists. People and commentators are not so happy with the debate but they are looking forward to furthering debates.

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