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What happened in the final debate between Biden and Trump, know here!

By Kunika Chaudhary

The final debate between Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden on 22 October at the scheduled time.

After 10 days the US will have a president who will serve the country for the coming term .The scheduled final debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden took place on 22 October 2020. This was the last opportunity the candidates had where they can talk face to face about the issues before the election. Kristen Welker is the moderator of the final debate. She is co-anchor of Weekend TODAY' and White House correspondent for NBC News. Topics that were discussed include Fighting Covid-19, Climate change, Race in America, American Families, National security, and leadership.

According to this rule, the opponent will have his mic muted while the other is speaking and it happened. During the topic segment on 'Covid 19' Trump said he has the vaccine and will be announced in several weeks. He added that he had it and is immune but for how much period none can tell. Joe Biden replied to anyone who didn't take responsibility for the death of 220,000 Americans shouldn't remain president.He focused on that people should take precautions and he will work on how to open workplaces and schools so that they can be saved and assured people that he will end this.

In his further speech, he also mentioned that he will shut down the virus, not the country.The involvement of Russia and Iran was also a major topic that was discussed. Biden replied that if he gets elected, any country that will intervene in this election will pay the price. To the same Trump accused his opponent of taking money from Russia and also added that he knew about their interference. His official informed him that these countries want him to lose. The debate was much better than the previous job. Moderator Kristen made sure to give an equal time frame to both opponents and gave them a chance to reply whenever it was required. People are considering this as a fair debate. During the debate, the Democratic candidate claimed his opponent as one of the most Racist presidents the nation had. This debate has surely helped many people to decide what and who they want for their nation.

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