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What happened on the launch of 'Kheti Bachao Andolan’? know here!

By Kunika Chaudhary

To show their disagreement with Farm bills 2020 Rahul Gandhi along with Punjab's CM Amrinder Singh has launched a white Bachao Andolan on 4 October 2020.

Everyone is well aware of all the disagreements people are showing towards Farm bill 2020. Farm bill 2020 was passed with a voice voting method and a huge ruckus was also created later by the opposition members.people also witnessed a large number of protests being held against to bear bills. Now it seems like Mr. Rahul Gandhi has come up with a campaign against the bills along with Punjab's CM Captain Amarinder Singh. The leader launched the protest campaign on 4 October 2020. This is a three-day-long campaign which will be led by Rahul Gandhi. The leader started his tractor rally from the Moga District of Punjab. Rahul Gandhi and CM Amarinder Singh also addressed the citizens regarding this issue and voiced out their opinions in front of everyone.

Rahul Gandhi said in his rally that the Modi government wants to break the back of the farmers and there is a need to reform the system. During his speech, he also assured the farmers that when the Congress party comes to power, they would bring these three farm laws to an end and they will throw it in the wastebasket of paper. Punjab's CM Amarinder Singh also addressed the citizens and said that he will not back out from the fight against the ‘black laws’ till they are corrected to provide a written Constitutional assurance on the continuation of Food Corporation of India (FCI) and MSP. The day ended with their views. Later The former congress leader got trolled and was compared to Mr. Bean because of the way he sat on the tractor. Trollers found this as a great opportunity. Whether this campaign will become successful or not we will get to know this in some days.