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What Kamala Harris and Mike Spence said during their face-off, know here!

By Kunika Chaudhary

The Vice-presidential debate took place at the scheduled time between Kamala Harris, candidate of Democratic, and Mike Pence, candidate of the Republican Party.

As everyone is aware of the debate schedule for the presidential and vice-presidential election. The first and only vice presidential debate between the candidates took place on 7 October 2020. Susan Page, chief of Washington Bureau of USA TODAY was the moderator for the debate between the two representatives. After the president was tested positive for COVID, there were several arrangements made for the candidates and the moderator's safety. Benches we're placed at the distance of 12 feet and 3 meters with a Plexiglass sheet in between. Everyone was tested before the debate. The debate had 9 segments with a tenure of 10 minutes. The topic which attracted the most attention was coronavirus status in the country.

Kamala Harris, the candidate of republican, said a lot about the trump capabilities. She claimed that it is the biggest failure. She also added that his doctor advises her to take the vaccine she will be the first one to stand there but if trump forces then she will not. Mike Pence was not at all happy with the statement and said that Mr. President has always put the nation's health in the first place. People are estimating that this debate gave a lead to the Democratic party that means Joe Biden is currently leading. This overall debate seemed to attract viewers as the people said this one was a better debate than the first presidential debate.

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