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What PM said in his address to the nation, know here!

By Kunika Chaudhary

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the citizens of India and said that Covid is not over yet. This speech is considered as one of the smallest speeches he ever gave.

On 20 October 2020, the Prime Minister addressed the citizens of India. This was his seventh address to the country during this global pandemic. As the festive season is coming near it is expected that if people will not take proper precautions then the number of cases can increase. India is facing a decrease in its cases and hopes to maintain the same. In his address, ss PM Modi said that in several videos we can see that some people are not taking proper precautions and it is an irresponsible action. This should not be continued until people get the vaccine shot. He also added that India is also working on 2-3 vaccines and trying its best like the rest of the world. After he gets the vaccine, it will be delivered and can be accessed easily.

People were expecting something big as whenever PM comes at short notice to address the people of India it includes huge announcements but nothing like that happened. Even before PM's speech opposition leader Rahul Gandhi requested PM to answer the situation with China. But we didn't find any answer regarding this in the prime minister's speech. This address was only 12 minutes so people have considered it as the PM's smallest speech ever. Some leaders of the opposition are saying that the PM said nothing new in his speech. This speech was focused on Covid -19 as the festive season is very near.

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