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What's new in election season, know here!

By Kunika Chaudhary

At the moment two elections are going on in the selections which are important worldwide and the other is the Bihar election which is important for the nation.

The United States Election 2020 situation is in very critical condition at this time. Record-breaking voting has been recorded this year which shows the dedication people are showing for their candidate. People voted in a large number on 3 November 2020 which was also the last day of the election. After the voting happened. Counting has been started. Republican candidates and Democratic candidates are giving tough competition to each other. Both of the candidates are confident that they will form the government. The voting percentage of the candidates is not stable and is changing from time to time.

Meanwhile in India, the second phase of voting for Bihar Election2020 has been done peacefully and successfully. The turnout of phase two is around 53%. Major candidates like Sushil Kumar, Tejaswi Yadav, Chirag, and many more cast their votes in their respective booths. Voting turnout of phase one was around 54 % and the third phase is scheduled for 7 November and on 10 November 2020, Bihar will get its future representative. Both of these elections are important for India. Where on first hand Bihar is really important for the nation and on second hand the US election is of worldwide importance.

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