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What Trump said after his first COVID diagnosis, know here!

By Kunika Chaudhary

Trump was found positive with the virus a few days back and he came back from the hospital after treatment. Trump made his first public appearance on 10 October after this situation.

People were very confused regarding the health status of President Trump. To clear the confusion regarding Trump's health, he decided to make his first public appearance after his treatment for COVID. He addressed the Trump supporters from the Blue Room balcony of the White House. Hundreds of supporters were gathered on the south lawns of the White house. President removed his mask before addressing and stated his health condition and said that he is feeling very great. He also added that this is the single most important election in the whole history of the country. He expressed his love for his supporters and asked them to go out and vote.

Trump said that they are receiving great polls in States like Florida, North Carolina, Nevada and added that Georgia and Texas are looking fantastic. He appreciated the supporters and stated that the level of support he has, nobody had ever seen. President didn't miss the opportunity and said that opponents will use unscientific lockdown and will crush the comeback from the COVID-19. Trump also gave attention to the issues like criminal law reform, unwavering support to the chosen school, historic low poverty rates, etc. He also requested people to support the Police of the nation. The way the president addressed his supporters he was looking healthy.

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