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WhatsApp is going to receive some new Updates that users may have never expected!

By Subhransu Sekhar Sahoo

Facebook WhatsApp is going to receive some exciting updates that users would have never expected and some of the updates that users were looking for and wishing for the last few years.

WhatsApp is one of the most trusted messaging applications which has the most important privacy feature of end to end encryption. Due to this people prefer to send sensitive and private information through WhatsApp messages. In 2014, Facebook acquired WhatsApp, and then after the popularity of WhatsApp increased. Facebook has been regular in pushing up important and advanced updates to WhatsApp users.

Recently WhatsApp had pushed the update globally for both Android and iOS users for muting WhatsApp groups and individual people permanently as before this feature was not available in WhatsApp. Before, users were able to mute groups and people for as long as one year. It was one of the most important and most awaited features that WhatsApp pushed recently.

A few months ago, WhatsApp also sent an update regarding locking WhatsApp through the fingerprint sensor directly through the application without any involvement of a third-party. Now WhatsApp is looking forward to pushing a new update through that users can now use the face-unlock feature to lock their Whatsapp which is an alternative for the fingerprint sensor.

Now Facebook is looking for a new update for the users where the user will be able to directly order items from WhatsApp. Facebook Shops which was initiated last year in the month of May, is going to be integrated inside WhatsApp due that users now can directly shop things through WhatsApp, making it more convenient for the users who are interested in shopping items. Another important feature that Facebook-owned WhatsApp is going to send is that users can now enter themselves into an ongoing group call without any hindrances. This feature will mainly help a small business or even large businesses as it will be integrated into WhatsApp Business Application.

WhatsApp has a good reputation in keeping up the users' privacy as they provide End to End Encryption. With these constant and regular updates, WhatsApp is looking forward to keeping the users engaged more than ever in their application. WhatsApp Payment is another important update that users are waiting to use but it is facing problems to launch themselves in India due to the refusal of the Indian Government and other Indian Agencies.

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