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When will PM show his red eyes: Surjewala

By Kunika Chaudhary

Last week's Congress party was very interested and concerned about China's invasion into India. They are presenting their views about this matter every now and then.

On Monday, August 31, 2020, Congress's spokesperson Randip Surjewala came forward and presented his concern for the country and the Indian army. China is trying with all his power to intrude in India. We saw many incidents about their invasion in the last few months. Surjewala questioned the government about their stands on this whole situation and claimed that the government is not showing any strictness regarding this matter. He further added that the soldiers of this country are standing fearless but when will our PM show his red eyes and give China the answer which is needed.

At this whole situation, BJP replied that this matter is not at all political but the truth is when our government or our party shows strength then congress party starts panicking. We all are waiting for the strong and required reply from our government to China.

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