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Where does India stand in the Global Hunger Index 2020? Know everything here.

By Priti Kumari

Maintaining its position in the 'serious hunger category', India ranks 94 amongst all 107 countries in the Global Hunger Index 2020. In the preceding year, India ranked 102 among 117 countries. With a score of 27.2 even less than the global average of 18.2, India is far behind its South Asian neighbours - Pakistan(88), Nepal(73), Myanmar(78), Bangladesh(75), & Sri Lanka(64), barring Afghanistan(99).

In order to combat hunger at the global level by highlighting ground reality, Concern Worldwide & Welthungerhilfe unanimously began publishing an annual report called 'Global Hunger Index' since 2006. It has 4 elements: Undernourishment, Child Wasting, Child Stunting, Child Mortality. Wasting and Stunting highlights acute undernourishment. The children who have low weight for a specific height are categorised under Wasting while Stunting includes children under 5 years of old having low height & are undernourished.

It is noteworthy, India witnesses a 37.4% stunting rate,17.3% wasting rate & 3.7% under 5 mortality rate. Although India records a decline in child mortality rate, its performance is not very much satisfying. Seventeen countries in total have scored less than 5 & hold the top 5 positions of GHI 2020, including China, Ukraine, Turkey, Cuba, & Kuwait.

Relating the hunger with the ongoing pandemic, the report stated, "While the 2020 GHI does not yet reflect the impacts of COVID-19, it shows that the situation is already worrying in many contexts and is likely to worsen in years to come".

Despite all breakthroughs, we(the world) are working towards the achievement of a sustainable goal of Zero Hunger by 2030. In this context, the Indian government gifted 17 new biofortified varieties of 8 crops adding to its 53 prior biofortified crops.

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