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Which Chinese city is offering Sinovac Coronavirus vaccines for $60 only in cases of emergency!

By Sharonya Kundu

BEIJING: Sinovac Biotech's vaccine named CoronaVac is being offered in the city of Jiaxing to doctors, specifically epidemic prevention workers, public service personnel, and port inspectors, and other high-risk groups as a part of a national program for about $60 and in due course will be offered to regular citizens too.

Jiaxing centre for disease control and prevention (CDC) says that two doses of the vaccine candidate will cost 200 yuan ($29.75) per dose and that vaccinations for key groups including professionals have begun. Chinese officials have to date not released pricing details for potential Coronavirus vaccines. A huge number of people have been given experimental vaccines in late-stage trials as part of an emergency immunization program initiated in July.

Sinovac did not immediately answer the invitation for comment. Its vaccine is in finishing trials in Brazil, Indonesia, and Turkey, and the company has an interim analysis of phase three trial data could come as early as November. A state-owned firm in Indonesia named Bio Farma has reached a deal for a minimum of 40 million doses from Sinovac. In a week the vaccine will cost around ($13.60) per dose when it becomes available within the Southeast Asian country. China is saying that while rational profits for companies are allowed, Coronavirus vaccines should be priced on the brink of cost. In August the China National Pharmaceutical Group developed a vaccine candidate by a unit that may cost 1000 yuan ($148.80) for two shots. An official at China's National Health Commission is saying the worth is going to be lower.

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