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WHO releases this shocking statement on Coronavirus

WHO (World Health Organization) has cleared the fact that there is no evidence of a Covid-19's cured patient to get re-infected. A senior most official of WHO has said however there are some news of few getting infected again but there are no proofs or scientific explanation available to this.

As per a leading news agency, Technical Head of Covid-19 response and program, Maria Van Kerkhove, has said in a Virtual Press Conference that in some people the PCR (Polymers Chain Reaction) may continue for not only few days, but a couple of weeks, but this do not concludes that they are infected by the virus again.

This statement has relieved a lot of doubt holders who had a misconception of being infected again by the deadly virus.

False positivity or False Negativity is another way which states that if a person shows COVID-19 positive in test for second time after being cured, this shouldn’t be treated as infected or getting the infection, said a specialist of WHO.

They are still studying the sequencing, isolation and re-infection of the Coronavirus.

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