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Who will be the Next US President Biden or Trump?

By Kunika Chaudhary

The United States election is attracting a lot of attraction worldwide due to the tough fight between the Republican candidate and Democratic candidate.

Voting for the US election was started after the voting was done successfully. The first day of counting turned out to be very eventful. Both candidates are confident that they will form the government. The day one ended with giving 238 electoral votes to Joe Biden and 213 to Donald Trump. Joe Biden said that he believes that he will form the government along with Kamala Harris. Donald Trump is not so happy with the result of Day 1 and claims that a fraud is happening with the American people by indicating a large number of votes Biden is receiving. However, he is confident he will repeat his term. He also said that he will move to the supreme court to stop the counting.

Day 2 counting included the ballot votes which were mailed by the citizens so that they can fill their responsibility by voting for their favorite candidate. On day two counting stopped by announcing 264 electoral votes to the Blue party ' Democratic party' and 214 to Trump. Now people are speculating that if Biden wins Nevada he will achieve his target of 270 as Nevada contains 6 electoral votes. The voting percentage for Joe Biden on Day 2 was 50.4% where on other hand Trump had received 48%. People are claiming that Joe Biden has claimed the record of receiving the largest number of votes in the history of the United States presidential election. This record was previously claimed by Barack Obama.

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