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Will Congress-ruled states negate the farms' acts? Know here!

By Kunika Chaudhary

The President of the Congress Party has asked the congress ruling states to seek the options to pass the law under Article 254(2) which allows states to override some laws by the central government.

Congress came out as one of those parties who are highly against the passing of the Farm bills. Now as the bills are signed by President Congress's President Ms.Sonia Gandhi has asked the CMs Congress-ruled states to analyze the chances of passing the laws in their particular state under Articles 254(2). According to this provision which is hardly used, the state can make a law to prevail over a central law in special circumstances and if the subject comes in the concurrent list. The concurrent list is the one that gives the power of making laws to specific subjects to both the governments.

Even if the state government comes up with a law to override passed Farm bills, those bills will not be executed or effective until the President signs them. But there can be a possibility where the President can refuse to give his consent. If we look at the current circumstances about the farm bills are not at all good. Many people are calling this bill an anti Farmer bill. This can be a really smart move by the Congress party due to the on-going situation. By the moves and stands of political parties in this situation, it is clear that they will try their best to look away out from these bills because 'Agriculture' is one of the most important sectors of this nation.

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