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"Will Disney's new decision prove to be a boon or a bane?' Here's the answer.

By Riddhika Chakrabarti

Walt Disney has been everyone's favourite over the years and decades of its existence. Disney is mostly famous for its animated films which are loved by not only kids but also adults. It's been more than 80 years since Disney was founded. It was founded on 16 October 1923 in Los Angeles, California Disney has made countless films over the years starting from The Little Mermaid in 1989, Mulan in 1998, The Lion King in 1994, Aladdin in 1992, The Princess and the Frog in 2009 and the legacy continues to this date.

A few days back when the company was celebrating its grand 97th anniversary they declared openly that Disney+ will be given more preference from now on. It is believed that the decision was taken due to the pandemic and deteriorating condition of the film industries. Since people can't go to theatres during these tough times releasing films in theatres does not seem beneficial. Lately, the most profitable mode has been online streaming where the films are served directly to the consumers. For now, the company does not intend to release any films in the cinema halls due to lack of profitability.

All we can do is hope that the company changes its decision after the pandemic is over. The audience is eager to see more animated films from Disney.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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