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Will Trump leave the country if Biden wins? Read the details here.

By Kunika Chaudhary

Republican candidate considered Joe Biden as the worst opponent and joked that Trump can leave the country if he loses to the worst candidate.

Around two are left for the US Presidential Election 2020 which is scheduled for 3 November 2020. Trump organized a campaign at Macon Georgia. Trump has increased his campaign days and is trying all his will to win the elections but according to him, he is getting a great poll in several states. During his speech, he named Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate as the worst candidate in history and if he loses to the ' worst candidate ' he will feel good at all. He also added that he may have to leave the country but don't know further. His statement went viral among the citizens and the Former Vice President Joe Biden replied to his statement by saying that he approves the message.

Trump has said this many times before even during his 2016 election that if he loses he will come in front of the people. Candidates and social figures are motivating people to vote early and it is happening at a great rate. 22 million citizens had already cast their votes. This is a historic moment for the US as record-breaking early voting is happening when there are still 2 weeks left for people to vote and select their future representative. People are showing great enthusiasm to select their favourite candidate who will represent the country. Some people are still waiting for the last debate which is scheduled for 22 October to happen and they will make their decision after that.

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