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Women cops play an important role in preventing Kashmiri youth in selecting the 'wrong path',

By- Bhumika Bansal

The prime minister added that the ladies cops 'are capable of teaching the mothers and preventing children from fall back to violence.

Women cops can connect with mothers of youngsters in Jammu and Kashmir to stop the kids from selecting the "wrong path", Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated, while Appreciating the people of Union territory, which is hit by the danger of terrorism. Addressing to 2018 batch of IPS experimenting at the Sardar Vallabhai Patel NPA ( National academy )in Hyderabad through video conferencing, he also forethought them against "wrongdoings" and add that they're going to be uncovered to all or any latest technologies, which also are useful in better-policing techniques. Responding to a lady trainee, Modi praised the people of Kashmir, saying they're "lovely" people and have the special ability to understand new things. "I am connected All of you. They treat you amorously In Abundance. All folks together can work towards stopping the youngsters from Adopting the wrong direction."And this will be performed by our women cops efficiently. Our women force is capable in educating the mothers and bringing back those children. I’m confident that, if it's done in the initial stage itself, in order that we can prevent our youngsters from stepping into the wrong path," Modi stated. He was pertaining to youngsters being profound and made to hitch terror groups in Jammu and Kashmir.

The PM also stressed on constabulary intelligence for effective policing. "These days, technology plays vital role in crime detection, as CCTV footage, mobile tracking etc. It helps us to unravel in many cases. But, an equivalent technology is additionally liable for suspension of police staff members," Modi warned. The way technology is useful it's also becoming an explanation for difficulty, and police are more subjected thereto , he added. He further stated that police officials required to coach people to understand how technology are often used and during a positive way. Huge data, AI and social media were the new technologies that may be used as weapons or tools for better policing. Emphasizing the importance of coaching, Modi acknowledged to the "Mission Karmyogi" scheme approved by the Union Cabinet on Wednesday. "Training plays a really vital role. In our country, for state employee training is taken into account as an offense. the cupboard accepted Mission Karmyogi as the government wanted to "give tons of emphasizing to training activity".There is a requirement to require a step. it's considered because the biggest bureaucratic reform initiative, with the aimed of capacity building to form government employees more "creative, proactive, professional and technology-professional". The prime minister told that "humane" side of the police within the country came to fore during the pandemic and therefore the security personnel did a commendable job. "During pandemic times, police wont to sing songs to make awareness, wont to feed the poor and distribute masks to needy. These scenes were witnessed by people. during this pandemic, humanity worked through Khaki uniform," PM Words. Responding to at least one of the cadets from Tamil Nadu on handling stress among police personnel life, Modi told farmers also face stress if the unwanted variation in rainfall is noted. He also observed that yoga and pranayam were great ways to deal stress. Police stations should be kept clean and hygiene also made center of social trust, Modi said.

Asking police employees to respect the facility of society, he said officers should hold the inherent strength of the society for achieving citizen friendly objectives.

As many as 131 trainee, including 28 women, of the Indian Police Service of 2018 batch successfully completed their training in academy. Kiran Shruti DV, the simplest all-round trainee of the batch, lead the parade.

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