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Women land in trouble while taking selfies in the river, Rescued

The news is from the Chhindwara of Madhya Pradesh, where 6 women were out for a picnic, through enjoying the scene they went in the ‘Pench’ river that flows nearby to take the selfies.

The flow of the river suddenly turned to exceed enormously, 4 of the women escaped successfully but 2 were left stranded. Due to the horrific flow of the water, both the women couldn't make it to the bank of the river. They climbed up a stone in between the river to save a life.

The saved women called and approached locals to help them.

By the heavy efforts of the police officials and the rescue team, both the women were saved by the help of rope.

The eyewitnesses stated that the women were heavily traumatized that they couldn’t speak even after being rescued. Soon after they were sent to the Hospital for counseling.

If the local Officers are to be believed the river didn't have much water until the rain in the area took place and water started to accumulate and increased the water level of the river.

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