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World Bank said this about India and Pak

Water sharing conflict between two nations of India and Pakistan has been there since a longer time. Both the nations have been in the argument of water sharing a plenty of times and no conclusion could be seen coming.

The World bank has also denied from intervening into the matter. World Bank has denied the role of being the mediator into the conflict of Indo-Pak Water sharing.

The Bank also said that both the nations need to solve and sort it out interiorly. India and Pakistan should peacefully solve it on the basis of home meeting and also advised not to approach Internationally.

According to the Dawn News Newspaper, the former director of World Bank in Pakistan said that both the nations need to conclude the matter of dispute with each other's consent in order to move forward together.

In 2016, Pakistan had complained World Bank regarding the same and asked to allot a body of Court of Arbitration (COA) to solve the matter.

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