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World’s first COVID 19 drug for sale got approved, know which country made history

By Ritika Nath

Russia made history by approving R-Pharm’s Coronavir treatment for outdoor patients having mild to moderate COVID-19 infection and the antidote might be distributed to local pharmacies in the country by supposedly next week, as per the statement made by the company on Friday.

The approval for Coronavir as a prescription drug might lead to the approval of another Russian antidote for COVID-19, Avifavir, which might come out in May. Both the drugs are based on favipiravir, a medication developed in Japan which is widely been used as the basis for viral treatments.

R-Pharm’s declaration points the direction towards Russia who is making the maximum efforts to take the global lead in the race against this virus. The country has already started exporting its COVID-19 tests and has pulled off several international deals for supplies of its Sputnik-V vaccine.

After Phase 3 of clinical trials involving about 168 patients with COVID-19, R-Pharm got their approval for selling the drug, as stated by the company. The drug first got approved in July for in-hospital use for the treatment of COVID-19, a government register showed. Yet Coronavir’s trial was comparatively small than other countries. On Friday the European health regulator validated the use of steroid dexamethasone for treating Corona patients after a study done by UK researchers on several thousand patients.

R-Pharm’s spokeswoman said in a report that the company has already started making deals with local pharmacies, with supplies for Coronavir expected to be pulled out in the future, maybe by next week. Coronavir is made at R-Pharm’s lab facility in Yaroslavl, about 300 km (186 miles) northeast of Moscow.

Whereas Avifavir has been made available in hospitals at hands reach since June but has yet to be made available in the pharmacies.

With the world getting dominated by this life-threatening virus, is this the antidote which we have been waiting for? Even if this drug gets released in the world markets, how much time would it take to reach the local markets in every country? Let us know what you think.

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