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World’s largest sugar consumer, India wants its people to eat more!

By Sharonya Kundu

In a world where sugar has attracted an increasing study for its impact on fitness, wellbeing, health, and obesity, they are making the biggest consuming country to induce people to eat more of the sweetener.

Mills in India are observing increased consumption as a technique to reduce the nation’s atrocious oversupply, which comes partly from the approving incentives provided to producers in politically strong rural areas. A high production levy means the country finds it difficult to trade sugar on the global market without allocation. To accelerate their initiatives, the mills have begun an online web campaign to improve domestic requests, involving workshops and webinars, where everyone from nutritionists and endocrinologists, to public health experts and medical practitioners, will share their expertise, skills, and knowledge.

Sugar is the most selected source of the body’s fuel for muscle energy, brain power, and for every natural activity that goes into the proper functioning of our body cells, the calories in sugar are alike to calories from any other food, and the body weight increases only when too many calories are consumed but not burnt adequately.

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