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Xiaomi India launches 'environment-friendly' Mi Active T-shirts

By Tanisha Jindal

Xiaomi India has launched Mi Eco-Active T-Shirt. The company acknowledges that it is made of environment-friendly clothing which is exclusively made in India for fitness enthusiasts. Each T-shirt is asserted to be prepared from 12 recycled PET bottles accumulated from numerous parts of the country.

According to the company, the T-shirts are formed with the yarn that absorbs just 10 litres of water for recycling every kilogram of plastic yarn which is almost negligible when compared to a normal cotton T-shirt that uses nearly 23,000 litres of water to produce the same amount of yarn of cotton. The company said in a meeting that the T-Shirt also obviates up to 70% of carbon emission in comparison to a usual cotton t-shirt. The t-shirt comes with tags embedded with holy basil seeds which can be down. Mi Eco-Active T-Shirt practices canister packaging which may be utilized as a pot for sowing those tag seeds.

Company added in the statement that these Mi Eco-Active T-Shirts are soft, skin-friendly, and odour-free. The recyclable polyester fabric of the T-Shirt also acts as an instant moisture absorbent, making certain that your T-Shirt is considerably dry even during intense workout sessions. Xiaomi Mi Eco Active T-shirt will be available on Mi.com at a special price that has been kept at Rs. 999.

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