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Zydus Cadila brings India's cheapest version of Remdesivir at Rs 2800 per 100 mg vial.

A leading drug company Zyadus Cadila has finally launched a medicine to cure COVID-19 patients in India. The medicine is branded as ‘Remdac’. Its pricing will be about ₹2,800 per 100 mg vials. It is the cheapest kind of Remdesivir available in the country.

It shall be available throughout the whole country both in private and government hospitals through the supply network of Zyadus Cadila itself.

The Cadila healthcare manager said that ‘Remdac' is the cheapest medicine available in India. The medicine is developed and made in the company's Gujarat unit. Before Cadila four companies already have launched versions of Remdesivir in India but some officials reported the shortage of medicine.

With approx 24.59 lakhs cases India is the world's third most hit country from Corona. Earlier some officials have reported the shortage of medicine.

Dr. Reddy's Laboratory and Syngene Internation have also entered into an agreement with Gilead Sciences Inc to make and market the Remdesivir in 127 countries including India.

Remedesvir is used as an emergency drug to treat COVID-19 positives who were suffering from severe symptoms of COVID-19.

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